Katahdins are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses. They do not produce a fleece and therefore do not require shearing. The breed is ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage-based management systems.​ We have a spring lambing season and typically have registered stock available. 


Honey Bees

Trinity River Tails Farm

​Trinity River Tails Farm is committed to producing a forage-fed meat product that is tasty, lean, and healthy.  Sheep and cattle for harvest are maintained on bermuda grass bahia grass paddocks with access to quality hay.  All animals are vaccinated to ensure that they are healthy throughout their growing period.

Trinity River Tails latest addition to the farm.  Honey bees are natures' pollinator.  Our apiary, while small, is ever growing.  We expect our bees to be docile and work hard at pollination of the various crops found around the farm. Oh yeah and of course produce lots that golden HONEY!

We offer animal nutritional consultation services.  Consultation fees vary with species, and are dealt with on a client by client basis.   Any critter from dogs and cats to grazing hoof-stock.  We can help you plan how to plant pastures, how to graze and mange them, as well as what animals graze well with others.  

Forage Fed 

Welcome to Trinity River Tails Farm!  We are a family owned and operated ranch that specializes in forage-fed livestock, honey bees/products, and animal nutritional consulting. Dr. Nathan Krueger received his PhD from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.  His doctoral degree in ruminant (beef cattle) nutrition and agronomy.  His area of expertise is in diet formulation and improving forage quality for livestock production especially in ruminant species and poultry species. Dr. Wimberley Krueger received her PhD from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  Her doctoral degree is in Nutrition and her area of expertise is in, ruminant species, equine species, dogs and cats.  Please feel free to browse the site.  Our farm is diverse and new things are always up and coming so check back often and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Drs. Nathan A. and Wimberley Kay Krueger 
Trinity River Tails Farm 
Centerville, Texas 

Katahdin Sheep